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  • Welcome to SMS Bereederung
    Alexander Schepers founded a shipowning and managing company and we deploy
    a modern fleet of seegoing vessels which are trading worldwide.
  • 125 years family business - family owned in 4th generation
    Expertise by tradition - constantly modernised

    Recent years have proved to be challenging for all in the shipping industry. But I always wanted to grow on the tasks which were given to me and my team and never break on sentiments which others carried into the market.

    Looking back, it appears that it is always worthwile to get hands dirty, seek a compromise but balance it with the truthfull meaning of agreements.
  • A new brand - -
    Although having a four generation's advertising advantage, I purposely looked for a new internet brand.

    It shall show a neutral dedication to the customer's needs.

    We are smartly managing ships - for you!

    Faithfully yours - Alexander Schepers

Get to know our activities

We focus on the Technical Management and Condition Surveys of vessels. Additionally we offer Chartering and Agency Services.

  • Ship Management - Technical Management



  • Ship Management - Technical Management
    Regardless if you need a “full ship management service” (including financial reporting/controlling, crewing, ISM/ISPS and insurance) or just to have a dedicated Technical Ship Manager concentrating on the important running performance and maintenance of your vessel – we like to share our experience with you.

  • Chartering & Agency
    In the past we have acted as Chartering Brokers for time chartering vessels but also booked cargo on competitive basis. The specialty is in finding positioning cargo for vessels needing to change trades. So we helped on numerous occasions owners to avoid costly ballast trips and even acted as Time Charterers. Let's find synergies and work together...! Agency We are situated on the river Ems and we can serve as agents the ports of Emden, Leer and Papenburg on short notice. Whatever needs you may have, be it an ordinary call for loading or discharging cargo, an emergency call for repair or disembark a sick crew member, crew changes or layup (lay-up) of a vessel (hot or cold), fuel oil bunkering - we stand at your service! Emergency phone number: +49-151-58250857 or 55

  • Condition Surveys
    Compliance and risk management is the key to budget control. Through our independency and experience we have achieved for our customers transparency and relevant insight. A professional affordable second opinion enabled our clients to gain confidence in their project. We were checking proposed budgets and assessed the suitability of the shipmanagement on board. The combination with our commercial experience in Chartering, Sale & Purchase and Ship Operation added value for the future projects. There is nothing worse than surprises...! When can we act for you...?

Ship Management - Technical Management (Third-Party Management)

Creating a safe working environment is the core ambition in challenging conditions – it can only be achieved by awareness of circumstances: our flexibility and pro-activity in the ship‘s operation is your warrant to success of ventures together. The Charterers of your vessels appreciate the benefit of working with a „boutique“ ship manager – it results in cost efficiency and better utilization. The use of planned maintenance systems helps us to avoid and foresee costly technical breakdowns and be reliable on planned budgets. And if things go wrong, we praise ourselves to be excellent trouble shooters!

We are trusted and reputed in our network crew at sea and suppliers because of our reliability. We see them as our „team workers“.

We are solely working on a fixed management fee basis and are to a maximum transparent about our purchasing activities (it means precisely: suppliers/service providers are requested to give their best net prices without (hidden) incentives, rebates or bonus). We measure our performance against projected budgets.

Only a company management with in depth technical knowledge can create a vision for employees and creates a motivating ever developing environment. The combination of such visions with the experience in Chartering and Sale & Purchase (S&P) as well as finance (reporting) brings ventures to success.

Our fleet profile of managed vessels.
Get to know our fleet:

More than 125 years of operation

Excellence in 4 generations

The combination of in-depth knowledge of charter markets, access to cargo, understanding the needs for a safe transport and an optimal utilization of ship's space and tonnage is our core competence and the key for our client’s success. The cargo ranges from project cargo (windmill blades and equipment, transformers, pipes, offshore equipment, out of gauge cargo) to steels, bulk, IMO-cargo, containers - you name it (except it is liquid).

  • Special Solutions - Compliance with maritime regulations

    Special cargo can only be transported with a dedicated team of experts. We are there for you to find solutions together with you which fit to requirements, ports and logistics. Experience is the excellence we count on and will share them with you. Compliance with regulations in the maritime industry demand tailormade solutions: some trade patterns demand ballast water treatment plants and exhaust gas filtration or treatment plants such as scrubbers. We will be in the position to guide you on requirements and find the right Chartering candidate.

  • General Cargo - Coaster Vessels

    The workhorses in the European short sea cargo traffic are the coasters and mini-bulkers ranging from any size 2.000 upto 8.000 deadweight tons. Especially here modern tonnage can bring a real benefit to cargo receivers since the fuel consumption per carried ton is undisputed the most economic mode of transport compared to truck and rail. As a part of your supply chain and with our experience of a fast despatch of vessels in ports, we will be your reliable partner to ship your cargo.

  • Multipurpose Tweendecker

    We manage very modern and flexible multipurpose tweendeckers. They are able to lift (even in ballast) upto 160 tons in tandem. The vessel is very eco friendly and has a low consumption, giving Charterers the possibility to utilise very CO2 friendly cargo space.

    The 87 meters (wherefrom 79 meters fully box) long hold is one of the longest holds of a ship this size. The tweendeck can be put in two positions with hights below the tweendeck of 6 respectively 8 meters.

    The E3 ice class enables the vessels to trade into almost all regions.

    Principal dimensions

    length over all 130,5 meters
    beam 16,5 meters
    dwt 7.800 mtons on 7 meters draft
    GT/NT 7138/2266
    TEU 510
    Cranes 2 x 80 tons SWL on 20 meters outreach

Ship Inspections

Condition Surveys

On project basis we offer pre-purchase inspections for customers in need of a technical due diligence. We open eyes and praise ourseves as having a resonable and pragmatic approach. We give estimations on budgets and guide on basis our experience and expertise.

We support our condition surveys with innovative 360° tours - essentially you can walk through the vessels, like "Google Streetview".

Stay in touch
Contact us for information about our services, ships - or just a coffee!

Our Team

  • Alexander Schepers

    …Alexander Schepers (born 1979) is the sole shareholder and director of the SMS Bereederung GmbH & Co. KG.

    He graduated with a degree in Maritime Economics and Port Management at the University of Applied Science in Elsfleth (Germany) – “Diplom Wirtschaftsingenieur für Seeverkehrs- und Hafenwirtschaft (FH)”.

    Since his youth he was involved in the operation of the fleet of Schepers Bereederung, Haren. In 2005 he was employed by H. Clarksons  & Company in London as a shipbroker for container feeder vessels and was concentrating on one of the biggest container feeder operators on the Continent, fixing more than 300 contracts.

    Being the fourth generation involved in shipping in his family he joined his father in 2009 and delivered into the existing fleet of six general cargo and container vessels an additional four complex multipurpose heavy lift tweendecker, built in China.

Visiting Address

SMS Bereederung GmbH & Co. KG

Wesuweer Hauptstraße 67

49733 Haren (Ems)

Telephone: +49 5932 733 20

Fax: +49 5932 733 221


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